This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Nov 24th 2021

This Week in Google 639

The Turducken of Cakes

Investing in creators vs. debt, Wirecutter boycott, end of call to cancel
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Investing in creators vs debt, Wirecutter boycott, end of call to cancel

  • Slow Ventures. 
  • A Former Facebook VP Thinks Investing in Humans Is the Future of VC. 
  • Investing Directly in People Is the Future of VC. Here’s How to Do It. 
  • Life Capital 2021: The Future of The Professional Creator Ecosystem. 
  • Wirecutter Thanksgiving strike and boycott is on. 
  • Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin Outbid a Group of Crypto Investors for Copy of U.S. Constitution. 
  • Niantic raises $300M at a $9B valuation to build the ‘real-world metaverse’  
  • Mouse jigglers are a thing. 
  • Pokemon Go Creator Niantic Launches Bitcoin-Hunting AR Game. 
  • The end of “click to subscribe, call to cancel”? One of the news industry’s favorite retention tactics is illegal, FTC says. 
  • A Robot Wrote This Book Review. 
  • The unbearable fussiness of the smart home. 
  • Locked out of “God mode,” runners are hacking their treadmills. 
  • Google Pixel 6a will run on a Tensor chip, but a lesser camera than Pixel 6. 
  • Android Auto and Pixel 6 won't play nice, but Google is working on a fix. 
  • The Pixel 5 could have actually been good if Google's chip plans had worked out. 
  • iMessage Reactions Will No Longer Annoy Android Users Thanks to Emoji Change. 
  • Google Store Black Friday 2021 deals are now live in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia
  • Google Stadia is celebrating its second birthday with hardware for free or cheap
  • You can now pre-order the 2nd-gen Pixel Stand from Google, ships next month
  • Samsung to Choose Taylor, Texas, for $17 Billion Chip-Making Factory. 
  • Casper’s return to private life isn’t a canary for DTC companies going public. 
  • Jeff Jarvis: The Times treats an iPhone as a luxury. I hate to break it to them, but I think many people would say that these days a subscription to The Times is a luxury. 
  • Jay Last, One of the Rebels Who Founded Silicon Valley, Dies at 92.



  • Stacey - Thanksgiving Piecaken. 
  • Jeff - What is your state's favorite Thanksgiving dish? Google shares popular searches in the US. 

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