This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Nov 10th 2021

This Week in Google 637

Private Socks

Twitter Blue, Amazon's distopian holiday ad, Google's big EU fine, "on background"
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Category: News
  • Leo recaps his Oaxaca trip.
  • Twitter Blue launches today in the US with Ad-Free Articles.
  • Twitter is building a crypto team.
  • Square is going to make a hardware wallet for bitcoin.
  • Google loses appeal against $2.7bn EU antitrust fine.
  • YouTube is removing the dislike count on all videos across its platform.
  • Troubleshooting Stacey's new Pixel 6 Pro.
  • Judge denies stay in Epic v. Apple.
  • AMP Has Irreparably Damaged Publishers’ Trust in Google-led Initiatives.
  • Updating The Verge’s background policy.
  • Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man's Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy.
  • Adele debuts new song 'Hold On' in Amazon holiday ad.
  • Facebook's "Meta" Trademark Application.
  • Missing Girl Is Rescued After Using Hand Signal From TikTok.
  • TikTok food creators (damnit, where's Salt_Hank?)
  • TikTok @Jax plus violin.
  • #TeamSeas: Help us remove 30 million pounds of trash by January 1st, 2022.
  • Google is taking sign-ups for Relate, a voice assistant that recognizes impaired speech.
  • Google Assistant no longer offers ‘Your News Update’ audio digests.
  • Google Home 2.46 for Android brings promised Android/Google TV remote.
  • Nest Hub (2nd gen) update adds sleep stages & localized snore detection, tracking now free until 2023.
  • Adaptive Sound feature appears to be rolling out now to Pixel 6 devices.
  • Used car market gets even more bizarre.
  • TwitterTV: make an account a screensaver.
  • The Chip That Could Transform Computing.


  • Stacey - Happy holidays! Here’s our 2021 gift guide!
  • Ant - The Harder They Fall on Netflix
  • Ant - Congrats and Good Luck to RCHS
  • Ant - Register for the Wanderers' Photo Workshop
  • Jeff - Apple’s first computer, a collector’s dream, could fetch $500,000 at auction
  • Jeff - How much Wikipedia weighs

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