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Jun 23rd 2021

This Week in Google 617

That's A Moray

John McAfee, Peloton, Bitcoin
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Guests: Matt Cutts
Category: News

John McAfee, Peloton, Bitcoin

  •  COBOL Developers Wanted: Matt Cutts Discusses Working with the US Digital Service
  •  The bureaucracy of Government Meetings
  •  John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison Cell
  •  NYT hit piece on Pichai for being too thoughtful
  •  What Has Google Done Lately?
  •  Google Sleep Tracking Has Helped Stacey
  •  Tech Giants, Fearful of Proposals to Curb Them, Blitz Washington With Lobbying - The New York Times
  • Industry groups send letter opposing anti-tech legislation
  •  Klobuchar suspicious of Matter
  •  When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid From a Clamp, That’s a Moray - The New York Times
  •  Squatch Films Bold. Innovative. Stinky.
  •  Galaxy Chromebook Go launches w/ 14-inch display, Intel Celeron, more
  •  A CCTV Company Is Paying Remote Workers in India to Yell at Armed Robbers
  •  Hyundai acquires controlling stake in U.S. robotics firm Boston Dynamics for $880 million
  •  In Argentina, cheap government-issued netbooks sparked a musical renaissance - Rest of World
  •  Peloton Tread owners now forced into monthly subscription after recall
  •  Don't Piss Off Bradley, the Parts Seller Keeping Atari Machines Alive'
  •  Samsung is ‘reimagining smartwatches’ at its MWC event on June 28th
  •  Texas homeowners startled by “hijacked” thermostats
  •  China to shut down over 90% of its Bitcoin mining capacity after local bans - Global Times
  •  South African Brothers Vanish, and So Does $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin
  •  Google Changelog: New classroom capabilities for Chromebooks
  •  Warren Buffett resigns from Gates Foundation, donates $4.1 billion


  • Stacey: Paced walking on Google Fit
  • Leo: Brave Search
  • Jeff's Number: Half of Apple's commission comes from people spending $450+/month
  • Matt: You Think You Know Me card game
  • Ant: Wanderers Photo Workshop

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