This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Mar 10th 2021

This Week in Google 602

Random Penguin House

NFTs and creators, Google Empathy Lab, FLoC and cookies, Twitter reinvention
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Category: News
  • What the heck are these NFTs all about?
  • $10K for a virtual shoe? NFTs are here to create more sneakers you can't get
  • Performance artist eats $120,000 banana duct-taped to wall, calls it 'delicious'
  • After journalist complains about harassment women face, famous male journalists encourage more harassment of her
  • NYU study: far-right misinformation is more engaging
  • Inside the Google Empathy Lab
  • Burger King's terrible tweet
  • Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea
  • Google flags higher ad rates in France, Spain after digital tax
  • Harry and Meghan: The union of two great houses, the Windsors and the Celebrities, is complete
  • Google hosting Cloud Next ‘21 conference in October, virtual/physical format not yet set
  • Mobile World Congress says it will be in person in Spain in June
  • For Creators, Everything Is for Sale
  • Want to borrow that e-book from the library? Sorry, Amazon won’t let you
  • Twitter working on overhaul of Tweetdeck
  • Twitter is Reinventing Itself
  • Twitter is testing an 'undo' option after sending tweets
  • Russia moves to slow Twitter's speed after protest row
  • Twitter sues Texas AG, claiming retaliation for Trump ban
  • Texas governor wants to ban social media from banning
  • A Leading Critic of Big Tech Will Join the White House
  • Camera-based Google Fit heart & respiratory rate tracking rolling out to Pixel
  • Google Voice won't forward texts to outside #s anymore
  • Google gives Chrome Android hub for its birthday
  • Google Chrome moving to 4-week update cycle for faster feature rollouts
  • Google Photos’ new advanced video editor starts rolling out
  • Google Meet breakout rooms can now be set up before calls using Calendar
  • Google TV ‘kids’ profiles’ arrive on Chromecast this month w/ parental controls, time limits
  • Android Auto split-screen support begins rolling out for vehicles with wide-screen displays
  • Follow our podcast': Apple Podcasts to stop using 'subscribe'
  • Internet Archive Scholar launched
  • Stanford AI Index
  • Arby’s Has an Answer to Plant-Based Meat: A Meat-Based Carrot
  • T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers


  • Mathew: Four year anniversary of this epic interview
  • Mathew: Man builds video-rental store in his basement
  • Jeff: Ending the Civil Journey
  • Jeff: Pandemic blamed for plummeting birthrates across Europe
  • Ant: Adobe Max Dates announced (virtually).
  • Ant: Super Resolution Feature from Adobe Announced
  • Ant: Story pissed me off, but there's a personal spin
  • Leo: Unhook - Remove YouTube Recommended Videos

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