This Week in Computer Hardware

Jun 7th 2018

This Week in Computer Hardware 469

OLED CPU Coolers Rule!

Computex reveals and colorful coolers!
Although this show is no longer in production, you can enjoy past episodes in the TWiT Archives.
Category: Reviews

The Core i7 8086K is official, and Intel demos a chip with 28 cores running at 5GHz. That's cool, but we're really excited about Intel's new Low Power Display Technology. 24 hours of battery life on a Dell XPS 13??? Nice! AMD shows off 32 cores (SIXTY FOUR THREADS) on the next Threadripper and demos the first 7nm Vega GPU, Qualcomm's 850 Mobile Compute Platform is all about Windows laptops, ASUS / ROG has liquid coolers with OLED screens coming later this year, and more! All coming up in TWiCH, This Week in Computer Hardware, episode 469!!!

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