Tech News Weekly

Jun 20th 2019

Tech News Weekly 88

Libra Brings Fiat to Facebook?

Hosted by Jason Howell

Facebook Libra, SIM hijacking, Final Fantasy 7

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Category: News

- (02:04) Brady Dale from Coindesk says that Facebook's newly announced cryptocurrency Libra could ultimately make or break the company.
- (17:31) What happens when someone hijacks your SIM card? Matthew Miller from ZDNet shows that its a nightmare that gets worse before it gets better.
- (35:57) With E3 in the books, Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica highlights three games that have him most excited including the eagerly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.
- (52:14) What exactly does the Pixel 4 leak and the Radiohead mini-disc hack have in common? They are both opportunities from the targets to take control of the message.

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