Tech News Weekly

May 30th 2019

Tech News Weekly 85

Mo Data, Mo Problems

Valve Index, Patron Scan, iPhone trackers

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Category: News

- (01:29) Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica spent a week with the Valve Index VR system, and it's really impressive.
- (14:22) Twitter is a little late to cracking down on extremism, but Joseph Cox from Vice says they are considering deplatforming offenders.
- (28:53) The Washington Post's Geoffrey Fowler discovered how chatty his iPhone is while he sleeps, and that's concerning.
- (40:12) Patron Scan allows bars to keep tabs and block people who behave badly at bars, but is it going too far?
- (44:54) More than half of the workers at Google are contractors who miss out on many of the benefits of full-time employees.


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