Tech News Weekly

Apr 11th 2019

Tech News Weekly 78

Phubbing Your Wife

Facebook is Full of Dead People
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Category: News
  • (01:45) Louise Matsakis, Staff Writer at Wired, talks about Facebook's new rules for the dead and her interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sanberg. Louise's story "Facebook Rolls Out More Features for Dead People" is up on
  • (12:27) We asked Tony Romm from The Washington Post if there is a way to strike a balance between free speech and regulation to prevent hate speech and violence on social media.
  • (19:00) Our smartphones are killing our relationships. Angela Lashbrook from OneZero on Medium talks about phubbing (phone snubbing) and the research around our phones and our feelings.
  • (31:00) Bloomberg reports that Amazon employees are listening to our conversations with Alexa, ignoring possible criminal activity, and laughing at us.
  • (37:38) Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.

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