Tech News Weekly

Dec 6th 2018

Tech News Weekly 60

Porch Pirates

Huawei CFO arrested, EyeDetect lie detection
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Category: News
  • 2:04 Civil had big plans to revolutionize journalism, but it fell far short of its token sales goal. Leigh Cuen from CoinDesk shares what this means for Civil newsrooms.
  • 14:02 Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has details on the surprising news that Huawei CFO Mung Wanzow was arrested in Canada. What does it mean for US/China trade?
  • 21:18 The polygraph has proven to be unreliable for detecting a lie, but what can the human eye tell us about truth? Mark Harris talks about EyeDetect, a company that uses algorithms to analyze eye movements for lie detection.
  • 39:28 A new game called Turing Tumble uses marbles to help teach computer science concepts to children. Paul Bosweel, creator of the game, talks about how it works and who its for.
  • 51:27 Ring's Neighbors app is a hyper local social network that allows neighbors to share videos of people doing sketchy things in their neighborhood. CNET's Ben Fox Rubin talks about the rise in porch theft, and how apps like these can deter theft, as well as lead to profiling.

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