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Nov 2nd 2017

Tech News Weekly 5

You're Not the Bot of Me!

iPhone X hands-on, tech Senate hearing.
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Category: News

Mark Spoonhauer from Tom’s Guide shares his thoughts on the iPhone X after five days of use. Lucy Rohr from The Economist has found success bringing its content to the Snapchat audience in unique ways. Roger Cheng has been following the Senate hearing into election interference by the Russians and what it means for Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Rohan Phadte and Ash Bhat created a browser extension called to help determine if someone on Twitter is in fact a bot or not.

  • 1:44 Mark Spoonhauer
  • 16:41 Lucy Rohr
  • 33:55 Roger Cheng
  • 43:53 Rohan Phadte and Ash Bhat

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