Tech News Weekly

Feb 15th 2024

Tech News Weekly 324

Seeking Love With AI

Hosted by Mikah Sargent

robots.txt, Meta vs. Apple, Text-to-Speech AI

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Category: News

What's it like seeking love within AI? How web crawlers are suddenly controversial with the rise of AI. Are Meta's Ray-Ban Smart Glasses better than the Apple Vision Pro for what face computers are capable of now? And Amazon has created the largest text-to-speech model that they claim to exhibit "emergent" qualities to speak sentences more naturally. 

  • Emily Dreibelbis of PCMag joins the show to talk with Mikah about the AI "dating scene" AI through ChatGPT Plus and AI boyfriends and her somewhat lackluster experience. 
  • Mikah talks about the "robots.txt" file that exists within many if not all, websites and how AI is impacting the use of this file. 
  • Victoria Song of The Verge stops by to talk about Meta's and Apple's VR offerings and the differences between the two devices. 
  • Finally, Amazon researchers have trained a text-to-speech model that they claim exhibits "emergent" qualities that improve its ability to speak sentences more naturally than other text-to-speech models.

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