Tech News Weekly

May 10th 2018

Tech News Weekly 31

Malware That Can Kill

Uber's Not Selling Flying Cars
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Category: News
  • 1:11 Jason Howell calls in from Google I/O to talk about his favorite announcements from the developer's conference. Plus, his thoughts on Google Duplex, Digital Well-Being, and the new Android P phone gestures.
  • 16:14 Eric Newcomer from @technologya on Bloomberg reports on the news from Uber Elevate, including the announcement of UberAir, the company's future ride-sharing flying car company and their food delivery service via drone.
  • 26:57 Paris Martineau from The Outline discusses her investigation into Google's spell checker, plus how Facebook is doing at fixing journalism.
  • 38:12 Selena Larson from Dragos explains industrial cybersecurity, FUD, and why our internet connected coffee makers might be increasing our attack vectors.

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