Tech News Weekly

Oct 19th 2023

Tech News Weekly 308

Rebutting Andreessen's Manifesto

Humans & AI, 23AndMe Data Leak, Meta Quest 3

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Category: News

How are humans involved in the overall AI process? 23andMe suffers another data leak by hacker "Golem". And the Meta Quest 3 is being used publicly for hilarious and interesting results.

  • Solana Larsen of the Mozilla Foundation and the IRL Podcast joins the show to talk about human beings, the data workers behind AI systems being used daily.
  • Dave Karpf stops by to talk about Marc Andreessen's "The Techno-Optimist Manifesto" and his passionate response to Andreessen's manifesto and the line between tech optimism and pessimism.
  • Mikah talks about another data leak from the 23andMe breach that includes data from "the wealthiest people living in the U.S. and Western Europe."
  • And Jason shares some hilarious videos from a Verge article about the Meta Quest 3 being used publicly.

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