Tech News Weekly

Sep 14th 2023

Tech News Weekly 303

Developers Unite Against Unity

Smart Car Privacy, MGM Resorts, Google Antitrust

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Category: News

Game developers using the Unity Engine are crying afoul over Unity's pricing structure. Why are cars the worst product category for user privacy? A cyberattack shut down MGM Resorts for some time. And why the U.S. government is blasting Google for paying $10 billion a year to cut out search rivals.

  • Unity has updated its pricing structure, leading many within the gaming & developer community to grow frustrated with the game engine. Kyle Orland of Ars Technica stops by the show to explain what happened.
  • Misha Rykov of the Mozilla Foundation joins the show to discuss the Mozilla Foundation's Privacy Not Included guide and why cars are not the best product for a user's security and privacy.
  • Jason Howell shares how a cyberattack against MGM Resorts shut down its services for a period of time.
  • And Mikah Sargent talks about the U.S. government's anti-trial against Google as the company is taken to trial over its monopolistic grasp on online searching.

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