Tech News Weekly

Aug 24th 2023

Tech News Weekly 300

Inside the Books3 AI Dataset

Hosted by Jason Howell

Credit Data Dox, Galaxy Z-Fold 5 Review

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Category: News

The "Book3" AI training dataset and fair use in AI. How hackers can easily steal your personal information for just $15. Jason Howell reviews the Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 5. 

  • Kyle Barr of Gizmodo joins the show to talk "Book3", an AI training dataset taken offline recently, and how this information was used to train AI systems that raises concerns about copyright and fair use in AI training. 
  • Joseph Cox of the recently launched 404Media shares how hackers can steal someone's identity easily through credit headers from a credit bureau for just fifteen dollars. 
  • Finally, Jason Howell spent some time with the Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 5, and he shares his review and thoughts on the latest iteration of the folding device.

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