Tech News Weekly

Aug 17th 2023

Tech News Weekly 299

Revenge of the Robotaxis

Cord-Cutting Costs, AI Life Coach, QR Phishing

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Category: News

The economics of streaming services is changing, with pricing going up to pre-cord cutting days. Robotaxis are operating 24/7 in San Francisco now. Google & DeepMind are exploring AI life coaching and the growing use of QR codes for phishing scams.

  • Jason Howell talks about the changing economics of streaming services & cord-cutting as companies like Netflix & Disney raise prices on their services.
  • Andrew J. Hawkins from The Verge joins the show to discuss the approval of 24/7 operation for autonomous companies like Cruise & Waymo to operate in San Francisco and what the future may entail over robotaxis.
  • Nico Grant from the New York Times talks about Google & DeepMind working on AI chatbots that can operate as personal life coaches and the competitive AI landscape.
  • Finally, Mikah Sargent warns us about phishing campaigns using QR codes and how malicious entities targeted a US energy company and used them in fake parking tickets that lead to phishing sites.

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