Tech News Weekly

May 4th 2023

Tech News Weekly 284

Passkey Mania

Hosted by Jason Howell

AI Drake & The Weeknd, Wikipedia, Virtual Kidnapping

Records every Thursday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 19:00 UTC.
Category: News
  • Have you heard of the new hit song by Drake & The Weeknd, Heart on My Sleeve? Well if you did, it wasn't actually sung by Drake & The Weeknd. Mia Soto from The Verge explains how that song was generated using AI and what happened after that song got sprung online to the world.
  • AI is really taking the tech world by storm. But what happens when AI-generated content and misinformation start to seep into places like Wikipedia, where millions of people visit the site daily? Jason talks about that in his story of the week.
  • Larry Magid from stops by the show to talk about his experience with a virtual kidnapping scam and what he took away from that moment.
  • Finally, Steve Gibson of and Security Now talks about Google launching its support for Passkeys and what this means for the future of passwords.

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