Tech News Weekly

Mar 15th 2018

Tech News Weekly 23

No Qualms for Broadcom

The passing of a brilliant mind.
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Category: News

- 02:13 Roger Cheng from CNET discusses the Trump Administration's move to block Broadcom's acquisition of Qualcomm on grounds of national security.
- 12:05 Louise Matsakis from Wired details the many attempts made prohibit children from accessing online porn, and the Supreme Court rulings that have challenged those efforts
- 24:37 Erin Griffith from Wired details the story of Theranos, from Silicon Valley darling to perpetrator of investor fraud and what it means for CEO Elizabeth Holmes.
- 37:12 Dave Gershgorn from Quartz analyzes the legacy of Stephen Hawking, and why his caution surrounding the evolution of artificial intelligence should be heeded.

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