Tech News Weekly

Apr 7th 2022

Tech News Weekly 229

Twitter's Embed Mess

Twitter's Blank Embeds, DALL•E 2, r/Place, Senate's Big Tech Bill
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Category: News

Along with plans for an edit button and Elon Musk joining its board, Twitter made another change recently: It changed the way deleted Tweets appear in embeds. OpenAI revealed the latest iteration of its AI-generated art engine, DALL•E 2. Reddit brought back its collaborative internet art piece, Reddit Place. Big Tech has a lot to say about the Senate's American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

First, Kevin Marks of Microformats shares details about Twitter's embedded Tweets. The company no longer shows deleted Tweets embedded in webpages.

Then, Open AI researchers, Prafulla Dhariwal and Aditya Ramesh, stop by to talk about DALL•E 2, the latest iteration of its AI system that creates realistic images and art from natural language descriptions.

Then, Jason talks about Reddit's Place subreddit, a collaborative artwork relaunched on April 1.

Lastly, Mikah digs in to the details of the Senate's American Innovation and Choice Online Act — a bill aimed at stopping Big Tech from prioritizing its own content and products over that of other companies who use its products and services.

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