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Jan 13th 2022

Tech News Weekly 217

Wordle Clone Calamity

Google & Sonos Patent Battle, Wordle Copycats, RCS, Mis- and Disinformation
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Category: News

After taking Google to court over smart speaker patent infringement, Sonos appears to be the victor. Developer James Thomson discusses App Store copycats in the wake of the Wordle clones. Apple's iMessage doesn't use RCS messaging, but Google wants "green bubbles" and "blue bubbles" to play nice. Many experts have penned two open letters — one to Spotify and one to YouTube — regarding the spread of misinformation and disinformation.

First, Esper's David Ruddock stops by the show to discuss the patent infringement case between Google and Sonos. Google will be making changes to its smart speaker lineup in the interest of complying with the ruling, but Sonos wants Google to pay royalties instead.

Then, in the wake of a number of Wordle copycats making their way to the App Store, developer James Thomson shares his own experience dealing with clones and copycats of PCalc.

Then, Jason and Mikah discuss the ongoing conversation about "green bubbles" and "blue bubbles" in iMessage chats and Google's encouragement for Apple to adopt RCS messaging.

Lastly, Mikah shares two open letters penned by scientists, engineers, and expert fact-checkers. The letters, addressed to Spotify and YouTube, respectively, encourage the companies to introduce policies to help quell the spread of misinformation.

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