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Dec 30th 2021

Tech News Weekly 215

Tech News Weekly's Best Interviews of 2021

A Look Back at Some of the Host’s Favorite Interviews of the Year

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Category: News

An Xbox 360 remaster of Goldeneye 007, how to become Lawyer Cat, a Peloton kerfuffle, TikTok resumes, and more!

  • A lawyer went viral when his courtroom Zoom video placed a kitten in his place. Thomas Smith from Debugger found out how he did it.
  • Jason Howell talks with Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica about the ever-elusive Goldeneye 007 remaster that was developed for the XBOX 360 and then shelved indefinitely and how he got his hands on it.
  • Brianna Wu discusses Peloton's handling of its recent voluntary product recall. During the chat, Wu shares her thoughts on why Peloton seemed to resist fixing things fully and why some members in the Peloton community seemed to defend the company.
  • Mikah Sargent speaks with Abrar Al-Heeti from CNET about how TikTok is encouraging job seekers to post a video resume on the platform. But does it work?
  • Damon Beres talks about his op-ed in the New York Times about the cognitive dissonance of Apple's hardware event compared to the simultaneous occurrence of Earth Week.
  • Heather Kelly from the Washington Post discusses the latest slate of surveillance devices to come out of Amazon, including a robot that patrols your house and an indoor drone camera.

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