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Feb 8th 2018

Tech News Weekly 18

Our Information Diet

John Battelle on John Perry Barlow.
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Category: News
  • 1:48 Kia Kokalitcheva from Axios discusses the Uber vs. Waymo trade secrets trial and what former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to say on the stand.
  • 13:05 Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Motherboard talks about the iBoot that was released on Git Hub, Apple's response, and what it means for iPhone security.
  • 29:03 John Battelle from NewCo talks about the legacy of John Perry Barlow and the new Center for Humane Technology.
  • 46:33 Chris Vickery, Director of Cyber Risk Research at Upguard talks about how companies need to be more careful with our data.

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