Tech News Weekly

Dec 24th 2020

Tech News Weekly 164

The Best Interviews of 2020

A Look Back at Some of the Host's Favorite Interviews of the Year

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Category: News

Mikah Sargent and Jason Howell recount a few of their favorite interviews from throughout the crazy year that was 2020.

  • Zoe Shiffer from The Verge talks about how Zoom was being used for some joy as a host of virtual weddings during the lockdown.
  • Sophie Lucido Johnson, a teacher, shares her thoughts on why she prefers to use YouTube to conduct her remote learning with her class.
  • In the midst of unprecedented civil rights protests, Nathan Sheard from the Electronic Frontier Foundation shared tips to help with digital defense.
  • CNET's Brian Cooley talks about the smartphone revolution and how it might never have happened if not for convergence early on.

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