Tech News Weekly

May 21st 2020

Tech News Weekly 134

Is the Future of the Theater Remote?

Twitter Replies, AP Testing Woes
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Category: News

Twitter is testing a new reply system that lets users choose who can and can't reply to them, students are failing AP tests due to a new, allegedly better image format, and a brief look at the potential future of the theater.

First, Jason strikes up a conversation about Twitter's new reply system — some users are now able to limit who can reply to a given tweet.

Then, Mikah applauds Netflix's latest announcement wherein the company says it will remove unused Netflix accounts — no need to pay for a subscription you aren't using.

Then, The Verge's Monica Chin joins the pair to reveal a new and troubling situation for students taking AP tests remotely: the iPhone's default HEIC image format is causing those students to fail their tests.

Finally, freelance writer Eric Ravenscraft pops in to talk about his article in OneZero regarding the future of movie theaters and our movie-watching experiences.

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