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Dec 28th 2017

Tech News Weekly 12

Best Interviews of 2017

Our favorite interviews from 2017.
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Category: News

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell picked some of their favorite interviews from the year. Becky Worley shares her thoughts on surviving on social media in 2017. Marques Brownlee got to ride in the Tesla Model 3 and shared his experience. Louise Matstakis took a closer look at vending machines in Russia that generate likes. Nsikan Akpan talks about bioMASON, a company that uses bacteria to make cement. Finally, Mathy VanHoef discovered the huge KRACK vulnerability and details some of the misconceptions making waves.

  • 2:03: Becky Worley
  • 18:23: Marques Brownlee
  • 31:16: Louise Matstakis
  • 41:10: Nsikan Akpan
  • 48:08: Mathy VanHoef

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