Tech News Weekly

Dec 19th 2019

Tech News Weekly 112

Sharper Cheddar is Better

Facebook's focus on growth at all costs, iFixit's Mac Pro teardown, and Megan Morrone's problematic fave.
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Category: News
  • Buzzfeed's Alex Kantrowitz joins us to talk about Facebook's unhealthy obsession with growth.
  • Kyle Wiens gives us a rundown of iFixit's Mac Pro teardown and shares some pro tips about Apple device ordering.
  • OneZero's Megan Morrone stops by TNW to talk about her problematic fave: The Amazon Echo.
  • Jason Howell shares a troubling revelation: Dumpster divers are selling goods on Amazon.
  • Mikah Sargent shares another troubling revelation: There's a smartphone game that'll share a random photo from your camera roll, should you choose to play it.

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