Tech News Weekly

Nov 14th 2019

Tech News Weekly 108

What is Commercially Viable?

Macbook Pro First Look, YouTube TOS change
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Category: News
  • (02:13) Matt Binder from Mashable breaks apart YouTube's new Terms of Service changes to try to assess what is "Commercially Viable."
  • (14:54) After a Federal Court ruled suspicionless phone and laptop search unconstitutional, Sophia Cope from the EFF says the case may make its way to the Supreme Court.
  • (29:01) Rene Ritchie from iMore has the brand new MacBook Pro 16" laptop and says that all the problems with the old keyboard design are in the past.
  • (48:46) Motorola held an event where it revealed the new Moto RAZR phone, a pricey foldable that appeals to retro-design fans.
  • (01:00:10) Apple released its new Health Research app, promised earlier this year to enable iOS users to donate their time and health data to aid in powerful research.

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