Tech News 2Night

Jan 20th 2015

Tech News 2Night 257

Facebook Removes Hoaxes from Newsfeeds

Hosted by Megan Morrone
State of the Union Goes Digital
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Anchor: Megan Morrone The State of the Union goes high tech all the way, gives some data to outside companies, Facebook tries to eliminate hoax content from your newsfeed, Google invests $1 billion in SpaceX, Google signs the student privacy pledge, why Twitter bought ZipDial, how to stream the Super Bowl for free, and DARPA shows off their newest untethered Atlas robot. Guest: Harrison R. Weber Download or subscribe to this show at For detailed show notes, visit Bandwidth for Tech News 2Night is provided by Cachefly. Running time: 16:28