Tech News 2Night

Nov 6th 2014

Tech News 2Night 210

Aereo's Mass Layoffs

Hosted by Sarah Lane
FBI Takes Down Silk Road 2
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Host: Sarah Lane The FBI takes down Silk Road 2, TechCrunch's Anthony Ha talks about the Aereo layoffs, Apple blocks Chinese iPhone hacks, LivingSocial cuts 400 employees, how hackers got credit cards from Home Depot's computers, the Moto 360 in metal, Facebooks wants your help to fight Ebola, and how do you get Microsoft Office for free? Guest: Anthony Ha Download or subscribe to this show at For detailed show notes, visit Bandwidth for Tech News Tonight is provided by Cachefly. Running time: 13:56