Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Feb 27th 2024

Security Now 963

Web portal? Yes please!

Firefox v123, LockBit Disrupted

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Category: Help & How To
  • Nevada attempts to block Meta’s end-to-end encryption for minors.
  • A survey of security breaches
  • Edge’s Super-Duper Secure Mode moves into Chrome
  • DoorDash dashes our privacy
  • Avast charged $16.5 million for selling user browsing data
  • No charge for extra logging!
  • European Parliament's IT service has found traces of spyware on the smartphones of its security and defense subcommittee members
  • LockBit RaaS group disrupted
  • Firefox v123
  • The ScreenConnect Authentication Bypass
  • SpinRite update
  • Introducing BootAble
  • Cox moving to Yahoo Mail for users
  • Credit Card security
  • Exploiting password complexity reqirements?
  • Email only logins
  • Flipper Zero in Canada
  • German Router security
  • More Flipper Zero in Canada
  • Throwaway email addresses
  • Shared email accounts
  • Password quality enforcement
  • Fingerprint tech and some future stories

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