Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Dec 6th 2022

Security Now 900

LastPass Again

South Dakota bans TikTok, Anker Eufy Camera debacle, Mozilla yanks trusted root

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Category: Help & How To
  • Picture of the Week. 
  • Don't mess with Australia. 
  • Facebook / Meta fined by Ireland. 
  • REvil’s full Medibank dump. 
  • Is nothing sacred? 
  • Mozilla yanks a (no longer) trusted root. 
  • Android Platform Certs Escape. 
  • South Dakota says: No more Tik-Tok. 
  • Albania blames its IT staff. 
  • Good news on the memory safe languages front. 
  • Black Hat USA 2022. 
  • Another Chrome 0-day bites the dust. 
  • Anker's Eufy Camera debacle. 
  • An amazing-looking WiFi-6 router... $119. 
  • Elon really said this. 
  • Closing the Loop. 
  • SpinRite. 
  • LastPass Again. 


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