Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Jul 19th 2022

Security Now 880


Facebook encrypted URLs, cracking Lockdown Mode, ClearView AI resistance, Roskomnadzor

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Category: Help & How To
  • Picture of the Week.
  • The Rolling Pwn, take II.
  • The great IPv4 Address Space Depletion.
  • Confronting Reality in Cyberspace: Foreign Policy for a Fragmented Internet.
  • Facebook has started encrypting its link URLs.
  • Crack iOS 16's "Lockdown Mode", earn $2 million.
  • ClearView AI faces some new headwind.
  • Ransomware gangs are getting into the searchable database game, too...
  • Roskomnadzor strikes again!
  • Last Tuesday's Patches.
  • SpinRite.
  • Closing The Loop.
  • RetBleed.

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