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Nov 2nd 2021

Security Now 843

Trojan Source

Chrome 0-days, Windows 11 confusion, VoIP DDos attacks, Dune

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Category: Help & How To

Chrome 0-days, Windows 11 confusion, VoIP DDoS attacks, Dune

  •  More 0-days for Chrome.
  •  Two naughty Firefox add-ons have been caught abusing an extension API.
  •  Windows 11 News: Can we print yet?
  •  A new Local Privilege Escalation affecting all versions of Windows.
  •  Ask your AI.
  •  And speaking of the PC Health Check.
  •  Stand back for the Adobe Security Patch Tsunami.
  •  The VoIP DDoS attacks continue.
  •  Closing The Loop.
  •  SpinRite.
  •  “Trojan Source”

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