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Jan 12th 2021

Security Now 801

Out With The Old

SolarWinds Smoking Gun, Signal Influx of WhatsApp Users, Male Chastity Cage
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SolarWinds smoking gun, Signal influx of WhatsApp users, male chastity cage.

  • Firefox and Chromium updates address remote system take over bugs.
  • Tenable researchers reported a critical Chromium bug.
  • What Firefox's backspace key does and should do.
  • How Ryuk malware operations netted $150 million via cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Intel: A triumph of marketing over technology.
  • The strange case of the Male Chastity Cage.
  • A SolarWinds smoking gun? "Sunburst backdoor."
  • A class action lawsuit filed by shareholders of SolarWinds stock.
  • The "Krebs Stamos Group"
  • Zyxel security endpoints under attack.
  • WhatsApp revises their privacy policy.
  • Signal sees a mass influx of WhatsApp users.
  • Out with the old: A look at the history of SpinRite code.

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