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Dec 1st 2020

Security Now 795

DNS Consolidation

Generic Smart Doorbells, Tesla Model X Key Fobs, Critical Drupal Flaw, Spotify
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Generic smart doorbells, Tesla Model X key fobs, critical Drupal flaw, Spotify.

  • Chrome Omnibox becomes more Omni.
  • Chrome's open tabs search.
  • Ransomware news involving Delaware County, Canon, US Fertility, Ritzau, Baltimore County Public Schools, and Banijay group SAS.
  • Drupal's security advisory titled “Drupal core - Critical - Arbitrary PHP code execution.”
  • The revenge of cheap smart doorbells.
  • Tesla Key Fob Hack #3.
  • CA's adapt to single-year certs.
  • Nearly 50,000 Fortinet VPN credentials posted online.
  • More than 300,000 Spotify accounts hacked.
  • MobileIron MDM CVSS 9.8 RCE.
  • The Salvation Trilogy.
  • Spinrite update.
  • DNS Consolidation.

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