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Nov 10th 2020

Security Now 792

NAT Firewall Bypass

SlipStream NAT Firewall Bypass, MS Police Use Ring Doorbell Cams

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SlipStream NAT firewall bypass, MS Police use Ring doorbell cams.

  • Let's Encrypt's cross-signed root expires next year
  • Chrome updates on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android to remove 0-day vulnerability
  • Mattel, Compel, Capcom, and Campari fall to ransomware attacks
  • iOS 14.2 fixes three 0-day vulnerabilities
  • Introducing the Tianfu Cup: China's version of the Pwn2Own hacker competition
  • November’s Patch Tuesday
  • The Great Encryption Dilemma hits Europe
  • Ring Doorbells to be tapped in a trial by local Police
  • WordPress plugins are a hot mess for security
  • SlipStream NAT Firewall Bypass

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