Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson - Security Now

Oct 6th 2020

Security Now 787

Why Win7 Lives On

Android Security, Windows 7 Security, Microsoft Defender
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Category: Help & How To

Android Security, Windows 7 Security, Microsoft Defender.

  • Google to get even more proactive about Android security
  • Why are people sticking with Windows 7?
  • And Google funds a JavaScript research engine
  • Microsoft Defender gets in Vitro Updating
  • WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux v2) completely bypasses the hosting Windows 10 firewall
  • Most Microsoft Exchange Servers remain unpatched after 9 eight months!
  • Cloudflare has just added a free web API firewall service for all customers
  • US Dept of the Treasury tightens up on Ransomware payments
  • UEFI Bootkits are becoming more mainstream

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