Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson- Security Now

Feb 12th 2019

Security Now 701


Google Adiantum, FaceTime Fix
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Category: Help & How To, News
  • Apple's most recent v12.1.4 iOS update and the two 0-day vulnerabilities it closed
  • Worrisome new Android image-display vulnerability
  • An interesting "reverse RDP" attack
  • The new LibreOffice & OpenOffice vulnerability
  • Microsoft's research into the primary source of software vulnerabilities
  • MaryJo gets an early peek at enterprise pricing for extending Windows 7 support
  • China and Russia continue their work to take control of their countries' Internet
  • Firefox's resumption of its A/V warning in release 65.
  • How Google does the Cha-Cha with their new "Adiantum" ultra-high-performance cryptographic cipher.

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