Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Dec 18th 2018

Security Now 694

The SQLite RCE Flaw

RI vs Google, PewDiePie vs Printers

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Category: Help & How To
  • Rhode Island's response to Google's recent API flaw
  • Signal's response to Australia's anti-encryption legislation
  • The return of PewDiePie
  • US border agents retaining traveler's private data
  • This Week in Android Hijinks
  • Confusion surrounding the Windows v5 release
  • Another Facebook API mistake
  • The 8th annual most common passwords list (AKA "How's 'monkey' doing?")
  • Why all might not be lost if someone is hit with drive encrypting malware
  • Microsoft's recent 4-month run of 0-day vulnerability patches
  • The Firefox 64 update
  • A reminder of an awesome train game for iOS, Mac and Android
  • A look at a new and very troubling flaw discovered in the massively widespread SQLite library... and what we can do.

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