Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Oct 23rd 2018

Security Now 686

Libssh's Big Whoopsie!

A Truly Gobsmacking Libssh Error
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Category: Help & How To

This week a widely used embedded OS (FreeRTOS) is in the doghouse, as are at least eight D-Link routers which have serious problems most of which D-Link has stated will never be patched. We look at five new problems in Drupal 7 and 8, two of which are rated critical, trouble with Live Networks RTSP streaming server, still more trouble with the now-infamous Windows 10 Build 1809 feature update, and a long standing 0-day in the widely used and most popular plugin for jQuery. We then look at what can only be described as an embarrassing mistake in the open source libssh library, and we conclude by examining a fun recent hack and pose its solution to our audience as our Security Now Puzzler of the Week!

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