Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Aug 14th 2018

Security Now 676

The Mega FaxSploit

Black Hat and DEF CON 2018 Hacks

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This week we cover lots of discoveries revealed during last week's Black Hat 2018 and DEF CON 26 Las Vegas security conferences. Among them, 47 vulnerabilities across 25 Android smartphones, Android "Disk-In-The-Middle" attacks, Google tracking when asked not to, more Brazilian DLink router hijack hijinks, a backdoor found in VIA C3 processors, a trusted-client attack on WhatsApp, a macOS 0-day, a tasty new feature for Win10 Enterprise, a new Signal-based secure eMail service, Facebook's FIZZ TLS v1.3 library, another Let's Encrypt milestone, and then "FaxSploit" the most significant nightmare in recent history (FAR worse, I think, than any of the theoretical Spectre & Meltdown attacks).

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