Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson- Security Now

Dec 12th 2017

Security Now 641

The iOS Security Trade-off

iOS Jailbreak, Cryptocurrency Woes
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Category: Help & How To

This week we discuss the details behind the "USB / JTAG takeover" of Intel's Management Engine, a rare Project Zero discovery, Microsoft's well-meaning but ill-tested IoT security project, troubles with EV certs, various Cryptocurrency woes, a clever DNS spoofing detection system, a terrific guide to setting up the EdgeRouterX for network segmentation, last week's emergency out-of-cycle patch from Microsoft, a mitigated vulnerability in Apple's Homekit, Valve's ending of Bitcoin for Steam purchases, finally some REALLY GOOD news in the elusive quest for encrypted eMail, a bit of miscellany, some closing the loop feedback with our listeners, and a look at the security sacrifice Apple made in the name of convenience... and what it means.

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