Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Jul 19th 2016

Security Now 569

Messenger, CryptoDrop & Riffle

Password sharing, security breaches, ransomware, oh my!

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Category: News

Leo and I catch up with a fun and interesting week of security happenings, including a bit of daylight on the password sharing question, the trouble with self reporting security breaches, trouble in TOR-land, what future AI assistants mean for our privacy, a terrific looking new piece of security monitoring freeware, a startlingly worrisome 20-year-old fundamental Windows architectural design flaw, a problem with Juniper router's OS certificate validation, some errata, a bunch of miscellany, and the promised follow-up dissection of Facebook Messenger's extra features, the anti-ransomware CryptoDrop, and MIT's "Riffle" anonymity enforcing networking solution.

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