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Dec 15th 2015

Security Now 538

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A security researcher exposes 13 million MacKeeper user data using the Shodan search engine.
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Category: Help & How To

Is Kazakhstan's new encryption law a preview of future U.S. policy?  FBI chief asks tech companies to stop offering end-to-end encryption, 13 million MacKeeper user's data exposed, Cloudflare, Facebook and others compromise on SHA-1 sunsetting, Google to deprecate one of Symantec's root certificates, major expoit in Bell Canada's routers reveal WPA2-PSK, Wired thinks it has unmasked Satoshi Nakamoto... maybe not, a suspected hit and run driver caught in Florida after car called the cops, Telegram cryptanalysis, and Steve answers possibly the coolest question he's ever been asked for a Q&A!

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