Aug 22nd 2012

OMGcraft 2

Setting up a simple server

Learn how to make your own server! Watch out for rogue ponies and duh tips.
Although the show is no longer in production at TWiT, you can enjoy these episodes from the TWiT Archives and find Chad's new episodes on YouTube.
News! Upcoming features: Paintable armor and dyable dog collars! Hard difficulty on hardcore mode will be harder. Be sure to stock up on water buckets! Back in Beta 1.6, fire was nerfed from infinitly spreading. Dinnerbone is bringing back old behavior if you are on hardcore & hard difficulty. May the conspiracies of Dinnerbone being Etho continue! Pony Wars! The guys and gals over at RecordSetter reached out to us after our first episode. On this episode, four players compete to see who can build the most ponies in 120 seconds. The winner will be crowned as a record holder on Rules:
  • 120 seconds to create as may ponies as you can
  • Must be a fully complete pony with button eyes and a lever horn and tail
  • Levers just need to be placed but not positioned correctly
  • You can go in any order you wish, placing buttons and levers in a row is allowed, but if ponies are missing any one item they are not counted.
How to: Set up a simple vanilla server Use this calculator to calculate if you're able to create a reasonable server. Download the server files from the Minecraft site. For a full tutorial and a list of server commands, head over to the MinecraftWiki. CHAD'S FAVORITE THINGS!!!1! WorldPainter Seeds - iOS App Duh tip: Creative mode: Middle-click while aiming at a block to have it in your hand