Jan 23rd 2007

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Joost Do It

Amber's picks and listener sites from around the world...
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: News

Amber's picks and listener sites from around the world...

  • Leo starred on Command N during his last week in Toronto
  • Leo will be on Regis and Kelly soon for their tech week.
  • The movie Children of Men has used a Creative Commons scream sound.
  • Get a First Life parodies the Second Life web page.
  • Joost is the official name of The Venice Project. It is a p2p IPTV system that may change the way you view television.
  • Create an AJAX-style Web 2.0 family tree on Geni.
  • Post what you're up to in Web 2.0 style on Twitter. Leo and Amber are both on Twitter.
  • You can use Twitterrific on OSX to stay updated with your Twitter buddies, but you can also use instant messaging, the Web,
  • Groovr is Twitter+multimedia+your location on Google Maps.
  • Let's save 3000 megawatts a year: tell Google to become black.
  • The iPod index has now trumped the the Big Mac one.
  • Watch Microsoft's promo for Windows 386.
  • Contribute to the 6 Degrees charity.
  • FameWave is the worldwide cyber stage.
  • For all your tech news media needs, check out QipTechMediaDynamism will translate Japanese documentation and tech products, then sell them.
  • Buy Japanese products from JBox.