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Jul 3rd 2017

Know How... 324

Twitter Tips, and Encryption

Take control of Twitter, and learn how to encrypt files or entire drives!

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To
We show you how to take control of your Twitter feed with a simple script, and how to encrypt individual files or entire drives!
- Free and Open Source
- Supports 128-bit AES encryption
- Small footprint (1MB)
- Good for encrypting files in the cloud
- Built into Windows since Vista
- Supports AES 128 and 256-bit encryption
- Multiple authentications, password, PIN, USB key, etc.
- Has been criticized for possible backdoor, closed source
- Lightweight file archiver, for compressing and organizing files
- Single or multiple file encryption
- 256-bit AES encryption
- Full disk encryption
- Can create a local key, or use iCloud FileVault recovery

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