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Sep 13th 2012

Know How... 11

Ditch Your Landline Phone

Make calls online instead of using your landline.
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Make calls online instead of using your landline. Leo and Iyaz look into solutions they've used to make calls over the internet instead of having a plain old telephone service.

You don’t need to keep a landline phone any more because you can do your voice calling online. Today, we took a look at solutions that Iyaz and Leo use on a regular basis to replace a plain old telephone service.


  • You can get credits or a subscription so you can call regular phone numbers.
  • If you're willing to call only the US or Canada, it'll cost you a whopping $3 a month for sort-of-unlimited minutes (Skype says there's a fair usage limitation: All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial after a 2-hour duration).
  • To receive calls you’ll need a Skype Online Number.
  • For handset options, you can use your smartphone, your computer, or a Skype adapter. However we haven’t had the best experience in our tests with Skype-specific handsets.
  • Skype does not support e911 or emergency calls.

Leo’s pick was Obihai. It’s a box you buy once and lets you make calls for free. It hooks into Google Voice and does some gymnastics with Google Talk to make voice calls.


  • Buy the box, pay a yearly fee for taxes.
  • To find out the fee Taxes and Fees Calculator.
  • Ooma does support e911.
  • Allows you to port your number for a $20 fee.
  • Mobile component: pay app and it still costs you 1.9 cents per minute.

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