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Jun 27th 2024

iOS Today 709

Apple Design Award 2024 Winners (Part 1)

Showcasing Innovative, Inclusive, and Engaging Apps

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Category: Reviews

Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard check out the first set of winners and finalists of the Apple Design Awards 2024. They discuss apps and games that stood out in the categories of Delight and Fun, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Interaction, highlighting how these apps and games make the most of Apple's technologies and deliver exceptional experiences. Later in the Shortcuts Corner segment, Rosemary tackles a listener question about creating a medication reminder shortcut.

Main Topic: Apple Design Award Winners - Part 1

  • Bears Gratitude (winner, Delight and Fun): A cute and colorful journaling app that encourages daily gratitude entries and self-care.
  • NYT Games (winner, Delight and Fun): A comprehensive collection of games from the New York Times, including crosswords, Spelling Bee, Wordle, and more.
  • Crayola Adventures (winner, Inclusivity): An adventure game for children that sets a new standard for inclusive character creation options.
  • oko (winner, Inclusivity): An accessible navigation app that uses AI to provide detailed instructions and assistance for visually impaired users.
  • Lost in Play (winner, Innovation): A beautifully drawn adventure game that feels like an interactive graphic novel.
  • Procreate Dreams (winner, Innovation): A powerful drawing and illustration app that takes full advantage of the Apple Pencil and its features.
  • Crouton (winner, Interaction): A feature-rich recipe manager and meal planner with unique interactions, such as using facial gestures to navigate recipes on iPhone and iPad.
  • Rytmos (winner, Interaction): A clever puzzle game where solving mazes creates layered audio loops, resulting in a full musical composition.

Shortcuts Corner:

  • Listener Alex asks for help creating a shortcut to remind his father-in-law to take medication every five hours, without disturbing him during the night.
  • Rosemary explains that while it's not possible to directly log medication in the Health app, a close solution can be achieved.
  • She suggests adding an icon to the home screen that, when tapped, logs the medication as taken and sets a reminder for the next dose.
  • The shortcut should also disable any existing medication reminders and avoid setting reminders during the father-in-law's sleeping hours.
  • Rosemary walks through the process of creating the shortcut using actions like Find Alarms, Adjust Date, and If statements.

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