iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Jun 20th 2024

iOS Today 708

iOS 18 Additional Features

Apple Intelligence, Genmoji, Siri with ChatGPT

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In this episode of iOS Today, Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard explore the additional features coming in iOS and iPadOS 18 that weren’t covered in their initial WWDC recap. They discuss the exciting potential of Apple's new AI capabilities with Apple Intelligence, fascinating updates to the Notes app with enhanced handwriting recognition, and much more. The show concludes with an insightful Shortcuts Corner segment exploring automation improvements tied to AirPods and the Home app.

Main Topic: iOS 18 Additional Features
- Apple Intelligence: Apple's take on generative AI with a focus on privacy and on-device processing. Woven into many new iOS 18 features.
- Writing tools: Enhancements to make text more friendly/professional, summarize, proofread, and more. Smart reply improvements in Mail.
- Image generation: An "image playground" to create custom images based on context. Unique "Genmoji" to make your own emoji.
- Photos: Improved search, memory movies, and the ability to clean up unwanted elements in pictures.
- Siri: ChatGPT integration and potential for other large language models in the future.
- Notes app: Auto-refine and straighten handwriting, copy handwriting as text, audio recording, and more updates coming post-release.
- Calculator app and Math Notes: A new place for handwritten equations, graphing, and dynamic calculation.
- Maps: Integrated hiking trail maps and topographic maps, potentially replacing third-party apps.
- Passwords app: A dedicated place to manage passwords across devices, similar to third-party password managers.
- SharePlay: Shared playback controls on HomePods and screen sharing with device control in FaceTime.
- Wallet app and Apple Pay: "Tap to Cash" for easy money transfer, rewards/points balances, and installment financing options.
- Journal app: Search functionality, widgets for writing prompts and streaks, and integration with Health app.
- Apple TV app: "Insight" feature to identify on-screen people and music, plus enhanced dialogue options on more devices.
- Home app: Granular controls for guest access, HomeKey improvements for hands-free unlocking.

Shortcuts Corner
- AirPods: Head nodding/shaking detection for automation prompts and enhanced voice isolation for better audio in windy conditions.
- Home app: Robot vacuum integration to run cleaning automations when everyone leaves home.
- Energy monitoring: Ability to add utility providers to track energy usage and work towards more eco-friendly automations.

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